Exactly! On one hand... On the other hand, since engineers aren't really the best people to create real (humane) intelligence, perhaps there's no need to throw anything away. (Not that a $B company could just throw its tech away)

intelligenceintelligenceHowever, since ML/DL are just hyper-complex statistical algorithms that don't really have anything to do with intelligence, what we really need is actually a whole different group of people to start a new thing that has little to do with the current binary paradigm and more to do with the deeper aspects of the mind. As well as the entire right hemisphere, which the common engineer usually does their best to avoid and workaround.

You are not a power ranger… you are a Megazord!

You know what a Megazord is, right?!

Each little power ranger has this animal looking super badass robot vehicle thing they get in to. That’s called a Zord and it’s how they the really big enemies.

But when thing get…

Roy Toledo

The Psychology of Cognitive Algorithms

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