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What is Serotonin and Why Should I Care?

The funny thing about serotonin is that you can actually (roughly) measure a person’s levels of serotonin just by looking at them. In the first chapter of his book 12 Rules for Life, Jordan B Peterson (who’s probably the most infamous clinical psychologist of our time) tells us about his research into the neurochemistry of lobsters, and specifically the…

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Cutting out all the junk, this is all you really need to do.

In a World Without Market Research

Imagine that I sold you a car. And when I did, I also told you that this is the one true car — it is the absolute best there ever was — and you could never find a better one out there. And just so you’d know, if you have any problems with the car, it’s your fault. It’s probably because you’re bad! …at driving… or something.

It’s a far fetch, I know. But, for the sake of the example, let’s try to assume that this is all true though. Let’s…

Exactly! On one hand... On the other hand, since engineers aren't really the best people to create real (humane) intelligence, perhaps there's no need to throw anything away. (Not that a $B company could just throw its tech away)

intelligenceintelligenceHowever, since ML/DL are just hyper-complex statistical algorithms that don't really have anything to do with intelligence, what we really need is actually a whole different group of people to start a new thing that has little to do with the current binary paradigm and more to do with the deeper aspects of the mind. As well as the entire right hemisphere, which the common engineer usually does their best to avoid and workaround.

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After decades of disagreement between religion and science, a scientist’s worst nightmare has materialized.

A group of scientists has gathered an incomprehensible amount of human knowledge and fed it to the smartest machine ever built. Then, the machine said: “God exists”

A new AI has recently emerged from the dark cellars of OpenAI. The creature’s name is Generative Pretrained Transformer the 3rd, but you can call it GPT-3 for short.

This new version is significantly better than its predecessor, GPT-2, not only by the sheer X100 more knowledge it was fed with, but mostly in its ability to understand the…

You are not a power ranger… you are a Megazord!

You know what a Megazord is, right?!

Each little power ranger has this animal looking super badass robot vehicle thing they get in to. That’s called a Zord and it’s how they the really big enemies.

But when thing get really crazy, all these Zords crudely connect together and create this huge human-looking robot that’s made of all the other Zords, unsurprisingly, called a Mega-Zord.

What does this have to do with me?!

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Anxiety is a HUGE issue

  1. Anxiety is an epidemic.
    Anxiety disorders are the most common of all mental health issues. Statistics show that every year almost 1 in every 5 adults in the United States suffers from some form of anxiety, so even if you haven’t experienced it yet, it’s coming! Seriously, if anxiety was a Chinese virus, we’d all be going nuts right about now (pun intended).
  2. The smarter you are, the worse it gets.
    Another alarming trend we can see with anxiety is its correlation with IQ.
    Which means that the more we think the more anxiety…

Worried? Anxious? Afraid of Things to Come?

However, as frightening as future events may sometimes seem. It’s imperative to remember that we never really know for sure what the future may bring. All of our worries are based on nothing more than our assumptions, thoughts, and beliefs, and these are very rarely accurate.

The good news…

Shooting the Messenger

The legend has it, that when the great king of kings first received the message about Rome invading his kingdom he lost control and had the messenger killed. Consequently, as rumors began to spread, no other messenger dared to deliver him with bad news ever again.

Needless to say that this wasn’t…

Define Consciousness

For some reason, even though we all use this word quite frequently and we have no problem understanding each other, when it comes to defining it we’re in a bit of a pickle. From scientists to philosophers and religious characters, all claim that they know what it is, but none seem able to agree.

Even though, let me suggest that the reason we’ve been struggling with defining consciousness is not because it’s a complicated term, but that this entire…

Roy Toledo

The Psychology of Cognitive Algorithms

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