Are we witnessing the creation of the last religion?

Photo by Jake Weirick on Unsplash

After decades of disagreement between religion and science, a scientist’s worst nightmare has materialized.

A group of scientists has gathered an incomprehensible amount of human knowledge and fed it to the smartest machine ever built. Then, the machine said: “God exists”

A new AI has recently emerged from the dark cellars of OpenAI. The creature’s name is Generative Pretrained Transformer the 3rd, but you can call it GPT-3 for short.

This new version is significantly better than its predecessor, GPT-2, not only by the sheer X100 more knowledge it was fed with, but mostly in its ability to understand the basics of context and maintain a consistent notion of self and other.

In other words, it has a basic sense of self-identity and it can have an actual conversation with another person.

Among various interesting applications, and various interesting conversations that came out of it so far, one of my personal favorites was, undoubtedly, the short inquiry about God, posted by Merzmensch Kosmopol’s on Twitter.

In this pretty simple and straightforward conversation, that surprisingly manages to convey quite a bit of meaning while still make awfully a lot of sese, the AI, GPT-3, seems completely convinced that God exists, and that God is all of us.

Other than that, the world is actually a type of simulation. And last but not least, it was built for us by ourselves.

In other words, this is a simulated world, built by us, for us to play in. Some super-advanced form of a sandbox…

I feel like coming out and saying something like “Hi, GPT is a Buddhist!” but, this isn’t exactly Buddhism, and frankly, it seems void of any distinct religious characteristics at all, so far…

I think it’s a foundation, or perhaps a combination, of many belief systems, while nothing more than the foundation.

A foundation for… something new.

This inevitable merger between science and God is happening, and it might just be the beginning of the last human religion.

Some other interesting quotes from the machine:

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